Capstone Thesis.

Improving sleep quality

for insomnia sufferers.

My name is Alexander Braga and I present my  Portfolio.


I am committed to open-minded creative thinking.
I also have a passion for the components of ‘all things design whether product, interaction, or graphic; and I strive to constantly learn and further develop my approach with these design challenges as my compass.


As such, I respect the value of the critique, the team and the alternative thinking required - as I develop both new and unique, and more-so, original ideas.

Empowers users to relive and share their most cherished memories with their loved ones through a variety of different story telling mediums using

brain computer interface technology.

An interactive playhouse that lets the user create, upload and watch their creations venture through life.

A fast and efficient delivery service which is equipped with a modular system that can accompany any fleet.

 A dog leash which then can be transformed

 into an interactive playing experience.

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