Insomnia is the dissatisfaction with quantity and quality of sleep.

It creates complications with one’s sleep initiation, maintaining sleep and being able to fall back asleep. Individuals who suffer from insomnia also suffer from higher levels of anxiety, physical pain, and cognitive failure. Sleep is absolutely vital and without properly obtaining it, the human body will start to deteriorate.

This thesis investigates the ergonomics, comfort, and lifestyles relating to sleep quality in insomnia sufferers while understating and examining user interaction,

user constraints and user behaviour. Insomnia is the number one sleeping disorder worldwide.

Product Design

User Experience

User Interface Design

Nocturnal combines both digital and physical design to improve sleep quality for insomniacs as a sustainable solution for the future. Technology and the use of A.I are being implemented in the way we live today with progressive advancements being discovered frequently.

In combination with the integration of Nocturnal’s A.I sleeping guide, the material choices for the form

and design achieve longevity, very minimal wasted material, and a small economical foot print.


With it's sustainable and interactive design, Nocturnal provides the user with all the support

they need to aid them to enter deep relaxation

and fall asleep