Our problem space

How might we improve grocery delivery while considering market growth and technological improvements in the next 5 years?

User Problems 

  • When asked, 30% percent of shoppers complained of uninformed and indifferent staff. 

  • Average shopping trip takes 41 min.

  • 80% of shoppers 

  • make 1- 10 trips within 2 weeks.

  • Shopping is time consuming, the user is living a faster paced life

  • In 2018, grocery stores offered more than 42,200 items on average

Delivery Problems  


  • Drivers manage orders manually, losing time and money

  • Low ergonomic consideration common injuries include hip, knee and back due to repetitive strain injury.

  • Under-utilized space of delivery vehicles.

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The hive is a modular, versatile system that fulfills the requirements and demands of customer needs as well as expansion to meet OEM needs through its unique self sorting system.