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Target Market 

  • Most millennial's (67 percent) see their pet as part of the family and would refer to them as a “fur baby.”

  • A majority of millennial pet owners (68 percent) would take leave from work to care for a new pet if their employer offered it.

  • Millennial dog owners spend $1,285 per year on their pet. 

  • As a group, that accounts for $67 billion annually.

  • If their pet falls ill, Millennial's are ready to spend an average of nearly $2,000 for the animal’s medical care

Covestro plastic   

Bounce is composed out of three different types of Covestro plastic. the top is Bayblend, middle band Texin

and the bottom Makroblend.


Bounce allows user and pet to play interactively. The collar provides GPS tracking and understands vitals, mood and behaviour patterns. Through play mode the user can control bounce remotely.


Auto pilot mode lets bounce play with the dog using AI motion sensoring whether for both indoor and outdoor play.


Bounce can be customizable by changing sounds, lighting and movement speeds. 

When finished walking and time to play, the small bottom button is pressed to un clip the hand grip

The large bottom button, when pushed releases the leash. When finished the leash is retracted and the button is pressed again to conceal the leash.

The front button stops leash retraction, When done walking the button is pressed again to retract leash.

When ready for walking, bounce's hand attachment clips into the top