User Problems 

  • When asked, 30% percent of shoppers complained of uninformed and indifferent staff. 

  • Average shopping trip takes 41 min.

  • 80% of shoppers 

  • make 1- 10 trips within 2 weeks.

  • Shopping is time consuming, the user is living a faster paced life

  • In 2018, grocery stores offered more than 42,200 items on average

Delivery Problems  


  • Drivers manage orders manually, losing time and money

  • Low ergonomic consideration common injuries include hip, knee and back due to repetitive strain injury.

  • Under-utilized space of delivery vehicles.

How might we improve grocery delivery while considering market growth and technological improvements in the next 5 years?

Product Design

User Experience

User Interface Design

User orders groceries off of app. Groceries are sorted at the warehouse, which are then loaded on the van. The hive sorting system keeps packages organized for each stop making the delivery efficient and fluid no matter the route. Ordering from work, the hive allows for customers to order anytime based off of their schedules. Ordering from the hive app from home, customers are able to choose any selection of groceries and track when their order will arrive. App saves users preferences, understands users behavior and has suggesting options.