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A project that confronts contemporary consumer, societal and technological design challenges. Sense making user research and synthesis of problem understanding evolving into product design solutions that explore digital and physical aspects

of user experiences.

Our Problem Space

Hospice care is a type of health care that focuses on the palliation of a terminally ill patient's pain and symptoms. Staff members and family members try to attend to their emotional and spiritual needs while their loved ones experience the pain and stress of knowing they have a limited amount of time. Many patients spend the majority of their time reminiscing about their life with both friends,

family and themselves.


We as a multidisciplinary design team wanted to explore how we could enhance the overall story telling experience so that the patient is not only able to share their memories with their loved ones but also allow those family and friends to take those memories back home with them and remember their loved one's legacy.


The BCI is placed on the user's temple helps to create visualizations of their memories that will be played via a hologram projector in real time. This allows them to visually share their memories with their loved ones.

Charging port/Base/Projector


This holds the petals in place while they are not in use and charges them simultaneously. The centre of the base also contains the projection device that helps create the visualizations of the memories through a hologram like experience. Petals: This is a hand-held device that both the story teller and listener will hold as they are either narrating a memory or listening to a memory. 



This is a hand-held device that both the story teller and listener will hold as they are either narrating a memory or listening to a memory. The petals contain haptic sensors that change colour, temperature and textures to simulate events/visualizations occurring during the narration of the memory.

BCI Temple Pod


This device would sit on the temple of the narrator as they tell their story. This along with the user's synced social media pages, pictures and videos will help create the visualizations of the memory as the user is telling it in real time.

The petals enhance the story telling experience by utilizing haptic sensors that change their temperature, lighting, colour and texture according to what is being described in the narration.

When the narrator is sharing their story, their petal turns black. All other listeners will have white petals. If a listener would like to contribute to a story, the narrator can transfer their narration controls over to the other listener. Thus, turning the new narrator's petal from white to black.

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avana spread.20.jpg

Both the narrator and the listeners are able to create profiles that sync their social media pages, pictures and videos that are all used to create realistic imagery when they begin narrating their memories and stories. These profiles also ensure that that the appropriate memories are archived under each individual user.

Once a user has passed, their family and loved ones have a collection of memories and stories that have been recorded. They can play and relive that user's legacy providing them with comfort and closure.